Liv has long been known for its women’s road and mountain bikes, and now the brand is extending its women's geometry into the e-bike market with two models, the Vall-E+ mountain bike and the road-oriented Amite-E+.

The Liv models are not just overhauled versions of the existing Giant e-bikes. Liv employed its 3F Philosophy that it also used to create on some of our favourite road bikes, like the Envie and the Avail. This philosophy prioritises a woman’s fit, form, and function to create a bike that is built from the ground up for the female rider.

The Vall-E+ aluminium e-mountain bike, which starts at $3,699, has a low standover height to make it easier to get on or off on the steepest segments. Its 27.5-inch wheels paired with the 2.6-inch tubeless tyres will offer the rider grip and comfort while the 100/120mm suspension fork will make rough terrain a breeze.

The e-mountain bike has Giant’s SyncDrive Pro Motor with an EnergyPak 500 to increase the range of your ride. The motor offers three settings of assistance from 100 to 360 percent, which can be adjusted through the Ride Control Evo interface. 

The Amiti E+ is geared toward a rider looking to cruise on the road and some gravel paths. The bike gets the SyncDrive motor, disc brakes, front suspension, and tubeless tires to boost confidence and comfort on the ride. With integrated lights and fenders, this bike is suited for a variety of weather situations and is priced at $3,699.