Most conventional wisdom on how to improve on climbs suggests that practice makes perfect - keep getting out there, and eventually those mountains get to be more conquerable.

So what if you aren't around any mountains to climb? Fear not, because cyclist Eric Barton has a great tip for cyclists who ride in the flatlands - find a bunch of multi-storey car parks.

"My friends and I regularly ride what we call the Tour de Garage, bombing through our town  on weekends before the mid-morning brunch traffic hits. Music blasts from a portable speaker, echoing off concrete as we corkscrew up seven storeys, constantly climbing out of the saddle.

"At the top, the sunrise paints the skyline a majestic orange. We scream down, hitting county-road speeds, turning tight around the pylons. A dozen garages later, our Strava maps look like doodles, and our heart rate charts resemble mountain ranges. We’ve climbed more than 200m in 20km.

"Security guards sometimes eject our group of middle-aged cyclists, and occasionally we wipe out around turns. But this is the type of ride where you laugh all the way around corners and take selfies at the top - another building conquered."

Do It:
“These are classic, high-intensity intervals. Find parking garages that take two to five minutes to climb, and go full-throttle out of the saddle. Repeat 10 to 12 times.” — Selene Yeager, Bicycling’s “Fit Chick”