In the Strava era, we all love to track our ride data, but sometimes we just want the basics: How fast did I go? How far did I go? How long was I out there? Did I get that PR on my local hill?

Wahoo plans to answer that need with the new Elemnt Mini, a basic cycling computer that provides all the standard ride data many cyclists want without the added data fields and features they seldom use. Oh, and the company is promising a staggering 300 hours (that’s 12½ days) of battery life, so you can leave the auxiliary charger at home.

The Elemnt Mini delivers three customisable data fields like speed, distance, heart rate, and cadence. You can pair it with the Wahoo Elemnt companion app for full GPS ride data, get call/text notifications, and to upload to Strava, RideWithGPS, or other tracking applications. You can also let your friends and family follow along on any given ride (or at least let them know where on earth you are) by using Wahoo’s updated Live Track capability.

The Elemnt Mini is equipped with a simple two-button interface to start, pause, stop, and switch screens, and, as the name implies, it’s smaller than its bigger brethren, with the LCD screen measuring just 1.8 inches diagonal and weighing in at 31.2 grams. It’s Bluetooth enabled to connect to all Wahoo sensors including the RPM Speed Sensor (which is included with the Elemnt Mini), the RPM Cadence Sensor and the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor (both sold separately).

The Elemnt Mini is now available for pre-sale orders, with an Australian RRP of $149.95.