Cycling aficionado Jason Roberts is the mastermind behind Poku restaurant in Sydney which specialises in poke bowls: rice topped with seasoned sashimi and vegetables.

Here's how to make your own Hawaiiain-inspired meal to fuel your ride.


0.45kg raw, sushi-grade salmon with skin and bones removed, cut into 1 centimetre cubes

3 tbsp tamari or gluten-free soy sauce

1 lime, juiced and zested

1 tsp rice vinegar

1 tsp mirin (sweet rice wine)

3 green onions, finely sliced

2 avocados, skin and seed removed, roughly chopped

2 tsp black sesame seeds

1/3 bunch kale, washed and roughly torn

4 cups steamed brown rice

4 tbsp fried shallots (gluten-free)

1 cup shredded nori (dried seaweed)

2 tbsp flying fish roe (optional)

1 zucchini, cut into thin noodles (optional)


In a chilled mixing bowl, gently toss the salmon with the tamari, lime juice and zest, vinegar, and mirin. Add in the green onions, avocado, and sesame seeds, and mix lightly before folding in the kale. Place one cup of cooked rice into a serving bowl, top with a quarter of the salmon and avocado mixture. Garnish with a quarter of the fried shallots, shredded nori, flying fish roe, and zucchini.