We all know that sometimes it’s just not possible to get outside and ride. Maybe it’s the weather (yes winter, we’re looking at you), maybe it’s work commitments, or maybe there’s just not enough hours in the day to get your two-wheel fix.

Well that’s where an indoor trainer could help you not only avoid going stir crazy, but also potentially give you an even better workout to reach your fitness goals. If you are training for a specific event, or just to stay in shape, jumping on the turbo can offer significant benefits over your normal outdoor ride, as well as providing invaluable physiological and biometric data.

And while staying indoors and staring at the walls while pedalling and going nowhere used to be hellishly boring, the likes of Zwift and TrainerRoad now mean you can transport yourself anywhere in the world – and ride with virtual friends at the same time. Many indoor trainers are now ‘smart’, but the choices remain varied (direct drive/mag/fluid/articulating), so we have compiled a practical guide to what’s on the market.