Are you supplementing yourself to death? – Bike Magazine Australia

If you haven’t already, it’s time to reexamine your relationship with vitamins and mineral supplements. Mounting research has shown that in many cases, they not only fail to improve performance, but they may actually hinder it. On the general health front, a massive 2013 review of 27 different studies involving more than 400,000 people found … Read more

TESTED: Garmin Vivosmart – Bike Magazine Australia

Tracking your heart rate can help you push yourself further in training and become more active overall. This Garmin vívosmart bundle comes with everything you’ll need to get rolling, including Garmin’s heart rate monitor strap, and the Vívosmart fitness watch.  But the Vívosmart does way more than just monitor your heart rate; it also tracks your steps, distance … Read more

Harness amino acid power to boost your riding – Bike Magazine Australia

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) – once mostly talked about in body-building circles -are enjoying a rise in popularity with the endurance set, especially among Paleo and other low-carb followers. They extoll these protein precursors as near metabolic superheroes, praising their ability to burn belly fat, quell cravings, improve endurance, build lean tissue, hone mental … Read more

How to train like a pro – Bike Magazine Australia

Annette Edmondson is a two-time track world champion and Olympic medallist who is focusing on road racing with the Wiggle High5 team in 2017.  Her success has been built around hours and hours of training, both in the velodrome and out on her machine in all weather. So she knows exactly how vital it is … Read more

Optimise your recovery with a TENS unit – Bike Magazine Australia

Maybe it’s time to add a new tool to your recovery kit. Chiropractors and professional athletes have long used electrical stimulation of both muscles and nerves to alleviate pain and speed recovery. Electrical muscle stimulators send low electrical signals to activate different muscle groups to help aid circulation; they’re often used as an alternative or … Read more