The ultimate gear guide for cyclists who love their coffee – Bike Magazine Australia

Coffee is so much more than just a drink. It’s a chance to take time by yourself, or an opportunity to spend time with friends. It’s also one of the few performance-enhancing substances that you can buy on just about any street corner.

There are as many ways of making and drinking coffee as there are people who drink it – but it’s easy to have great coffee at home or on the road if you have a little know-how and the right equipment. To help you start your day the right way we have selected a few products to make, carry, and drink superb coffee wherever you start (or stop) your rides.

An Aeropress and Porlex Grinder

The Aeropress is about as ubiquitous amongst the travelling bike racer crowd as compression socks and embarrassing tan lines, but there’s a reason that the racers who spend their season living out of vans and motels turn to the syringe-like design of the Aeropress for low-fuss high-quality coffee.

The Porlex Mini grinder fits into the body of the Aeropress for easy storage and uses ceramic burrs to provide a consistent grind, allowing you to make great coffee anywhere there’s hot water. The setup packs down to the size of a water bottle and requires very little of your precious attention as you attempt to pin on numbers and make it to the start line on time.

The Aeropress is also remarkably tolerant of different beans, grinds and water temperatures, consistently producing delicious, low acid brews that taste great black, or with milk. There’s such a cult around this device that there are world aeropress championships held annually! Costs: Around $100 (for starter kit)

Klean Kanteen Wide Vacuum Mug With Café Cap

Any regular bike commuter will appreciate the importance of arriving with a warm drink after a cold commute. There’s nothing worse than shelling out $5 every day for coffee that tastes like battery acid, just to warm up or get that after-lunch energy boost.

The Klean Kanteen is a great solution. It keeps your coffee warm for hours, doesn’t leave any residual flavors, doesn’t leak, and best of all, fits in your bottle cage. We love to brew a double batch at home and take our mid-morning cup along with us. Costs: Around $55

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