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Being a cyclist means something different to everyone. For many riders, it’s all about the hours spent meticulously customising and perfecting their bikes. Tool brand Silca recognises that. Founded in Italy and now based in Indianapolis, the brand believes that: “Perfection can be found (and sometimes created) in the details of everything that any of us do.”

You may be familiar with Silca’s bike pumps; they’ve become somewhat legendary, not only for their durability – some people claim that their pumps from the ’90s still work just fine – but for their simple and elegant aesthetic. The same values and tradition went into the making of the HX-One kit ($199).

The kit includes just about everything you need for most light repairs: hex keys ranging from 2mm to 10mm in size and Silca’s magnetic bit adapter, which can fit any quarter-inch bit. It also includes Torx, Phillips head, and two flat head bits. All components are made with S-2 tool steel that’s chrome-coated.

This treatment makes them 16 per cent stronger and more dimensionally accurate than softer metals, meaning you’re less likely to strip a fastener or get a mushy-feeling tune, even after years of heavy use. Each key is also given a bright, textured polymer coating to keep them grippy and precise, even if your hands get greasy.

“The tools feel special in your hand,” says Bill Strickland, group editorial director of our American sister title Bicyling (for whom Silca produced a custom edition of the kit). 

“They look special. They age and wear in a way that is beautiful. I find myself reaching for the wrenches when I don’t need to, just to hold them, or to check bolts for tightness simply because the tools call to be used, held, to serve as a literal connection between you and your bicycle. On top of that, they are built to last and last and last.”

“The Silca hex wrench set is one of those pieces that finds a place of pride in my workshop,” adds Bicycling gear editor and longtime mechanic Mike Yozell. “It’s a bit precious.”

Few things are as common and routine in a tool shop as hex wrenches, but this set is sure to lend newfound sensitivity and confidence to any repair.

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