TESTED: SeaSucker Mini Bomber roof rack – Bike Magazine Australia

Carrying bikes on the roof of your vehicle is probably the most popular form of partner approved bike transport. You don’t need a tow ball and it’s the most secure compared to any of the other alternatives. 

SeaSucker is an easy and affordable way to carry almost any type of bike. As the brand name implies, SeaSucker got their start in the marine industry – using industrial suction cups to hold all manner of things in place in boats. They are now hoping to make a splash in the cycling world and with the choice of six different racks and a bunch of accessories, there will definitely be an option to suit your needs. 

The Mini Bomber can carry two bikes weighing up to 20kg each. The racks ship with QR mounts – but 12mm, 15mm and 20mm thru-axle mounts are also available, so almost any bike will fit. After making sure the surface you want to attach the rack to is completely clean, you just push firmly down on the rack while pressing the in-built pumps on each sucker.

Each pump has an orange indicator to let you know when full suction is complete, as well as indicating if a vacuum cup loses its seal. In the right conditions, though, the vacuum seal can last for several days.

Roofs on new cars these days are quite thin, and you’ll need to play around with your mounting location so the suckers sit on the most structural parts of the roof. You just need to pay attention when mounting. The biggest advantage to the SeaSucker racks are their size, portability and the fact you don’t need to have noisy roof racks on your car all the time.

I love the fact that I can put the racks on and take them off again in mere minutes. There are also a bunch of different accessories to help you carry the front wheel, but we were unable to test them. However, the ‘Flight Deck’ front wheel upgrade looks awesome and very tidy.

Spares are also easily available, so repairing a sucker or pump is easy and affordable. Our Mini Bomber even came with a spare sucker and roof cleaning kit.

RRP:  $639