Peaks Challenge Training Guide – Bike Magazine Australia

1-1.5hr mainly low intensity. Keep cadence fairly high (90-120rpm). Flat terrain or wind-trainer (little resistance). Use perceived effort rather than heart-rate or power.
After at least a 15mins easy warm-up include: 

10mins Tempo pace (perceived effort 4/10, solid but not hard)

10mins easy 

Then 3x3mins high threshold pace (perceived effort 6-7/10, hard but not flat-out) with 5mins recovery between each 10mins easy

8mins Tempo pace (perceived effort 4/10, solid but not hard)

Finish with at least 15mins easy spin-out 

This Activation Session is designed to ‘blow the cobwebs out’ for the next day’s training. The short intense intervals will be enough to get the heart and lungs working without being too taxing on the legs.


Spend 30-45min going through some core/functional strength exercises off the bike. The focus should be on core muscles and glute activation. Here is a list of some specific exercises designed to engage muscles required for efficient pedal technique. Pick and choose different ones to do each session.  You certainly don’t have to include all of these exercises within every session.

–    Walking lunges

–    Walking lunges with rotation

–    Plank position 

–    Plank with opposite arm/leg raise

–    Side plank 

–    Side plank with arm/leg raise 

–    Glut bridge with single leg raise, keep bum up and body in alignment 

–    Abdominal side to side exercise, on back with knees bent, alternate reaching to touch
    one heel then the other 

–    Push up on fit-ball (hands on ball) 

–    Plank position (feet up on ball) and alternate bringing one foot down to the side of the ball to touch the ground and back on top 

–    Plank position (feet up on ball) and alternate bringing one arm up to the side so that you
    are balancing with the other arm 

–    Kneel on fit-ball and balance 

–    Stand on fit-ball and balance 

–    Squat on fit-ball 

–    Plank position. Bring elbow to opposite side knee then back down and alternate while holding body stable 

–    Lie on back with feet on fit-ball. Use gluts to roll up into a glut bridge, extend legs out then pull back in to complete a hamstring curl, then lower body to ground 

–    Hold push up position on fit-ball and alternate bringing one knee up to touch ball then the next 

–    Step back lunge. Start standing on one leg with front knee raised to 90 degrees. Push this leg back into lunge position and then back up in front to 90 degrees again. 

–    Fit-ball pikes. Prone position with fit-ball under shins and hands on ground. Roll the fit-ball back so feet on ball and bend at hips to come up into pike position 

–    Plank position with single leg raise (alternate both sides) 

–    Plank position with single arm raise (to side) 

–    Step back lunge. Start with one leg up at 90 degrees and push back into a lunge then
    back up to 90 degrees 

–    Lie on back with arms and legs extended up toward ceiling. Keep back flat and bring one leg at a time down to floor and back up, then one arm at a time down to side and back up while keeping body still.