Brew Review: Blackbird Café, Bright – Bike Magazine Australia

Words: Sebastian Jayne   Photos: Robert Conroy

Bright, in Victoria’s north east, is surrounded by energy sapping behemoths such as Mt Buffalo and the fearsome Mt Hotham. They are climbs that test a rider’s resolve and have them dipping into the last of their energy reserves.

To replenish their stores, or maybe charge up before the battle begins, the coffee shop is the go-to destination for liquid hydration. Flowing liquid gold with particles that give you super powers are guzzled down. But what about something extra? 

That something extra is what makes Blackbird Café on Gavan St such a hit – and it is, in fact, a little ball of doughnut. Or a little ball of heaven, depending how ‘hangry’ you are! Served on the side of a frothy cappuccino or latte, the doughnut ball may not be what you expected, but it is what you need.

The little extras are great but the coffee that sits alongside your doughnut is what cafés are rated on, and the liquid gold from Blackbird cafe gets a double thumbs up. But don’t take a local’s word for it – the good ol’ TripAdvisors put Blackbird in second place behind the esteemed Cherry Walk Cafe. Another notable mention goes out to Sixpence Coffee, but that one is for locals only.

The coffee shop isn’t just a place for coffee though and Blackbird has a great range of larger edibles to keep you fuelled. The pecan pie comes in a generous serving and can go together well with a banana milkshake. The banana bread is also a hit, being more banana and bread than a pile of sugar. They also have more substantial options available for breakfast or lunch. You are climbing up mountains, so pancakes and ice cream can be considered ‘fuel’! 

The Blackbird Café’s location makes it the perfect pit stop – being on the main intersection of the road through Bright. You’ll likely pass it on your trip out to Hotham or Tawonga Gap and an adventure to Buffalo will also send you by. Parking up out front gives you a view of the other riders cruising past and the canopy of trees provides shade when the sun starts searing. 

For super convenience, next door to the café is All Terrain Cycles and across the road is CyclePath bike shop. So, while you pit stop for coffee, your bike can also recharge before your next challenge or adventure.