Unboxing a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 – Bike Magazine Australia

The larger wrench worked on flex to give a reading of torque, which seemed to work well though was a bit unnerving whether it was accurate or not. Out of the few things I had to do to get the Ultimate ride ready, the headset was the trickiest. The bottom spacer had a bolt that I had no idea what it was for, but with a bit of fiddling I managed to get everything pressed into place.

The only other ‘problems’ were the front derailleur that needed a limit screw adjustment to get it shifting into the big chain ring and the valves on the tubes that were too short to get the pump engaged, which ended up being quite frustrating.

The hidden seat post clamp is neat.

As far as out of the box performance goes though, the Ultimate ticked every box. There were no problems with the brakes or cables and no real headaches from anything else.

The build process was quick and relatively painless and proved the Canyon direct method works well.