A closer look at Focus bikes in 2018 – Bike Magazine Australia

Words and images by Andy Rogers.

Earlier this month, the whole range of Focus bikes were put on display for Focus shop staff and media people to come take a look at.

Walking into the showroom, one thing was very apparent – Focus had made a change that was immediately noticeable. It was almost like designers had accidentally kicked over a pile of paint tins and decided to roll with it. Okay, that takes away a lot of credibility from the designers’ hard work. What I’m trying to get at is, Focus has gone colourful!

Known pretty well for their very black colour schemes, Focus has decided to take a step away from this and add a splash of colour to their range – noted most by their ‘Freestyle’ range.

All hail the Focus Izalco

The Focus Izalco makes a welcome return. Available now in a few new, brighter colours and updated group sets, the rest of the Izalco Max that everyone has come to love is still there – and is still an industry leader in the weight department coming in at a featherweight 720g.

Starting with the Izalco Max Dura Ace Di2 (shown above) running full Dura Ace 9150, Mavic Cosmic Carbon Pro SL wheels and an Easton carbon cockpit coming in at $9,999, the range doesn’t disappoint at the next rung. 

The  Focus Izalco Max Etap model coming with a full Sram Etap groupset, ZIPP 302 carbon clinchers and Easton carbon cockpit at $9,499

Who needs wires anyway?

The now welcomed race-legal Izalco Max Disc Ultegra Di2 all decked out with a full Ultegra 8070 Di2 group set, Shimano RS770 carbon wheels and Easton alloy cockpit, the Izalco Max range on offer has you covered for any fast-paced racing action you could dream of. 

This bike will be hot for many reasons!

Get more details from the Focus website