Keep Your Cool in the Giant Rev MIPS Helmet – Bike Magazine Australia

A good bike helmet lets you check “brain safety” off your mental list of concerns while being comfortable enough you forget you have it on. With highly adjustable circumference and height settings, a modest weight, and angled impact protection, the Giant Rev MIPS is a winner in both regards—while also meeting the bonus demand of looking good in photos.

The Rev MIPS sits snugly on your head and tightens with a cinch dial for a secure fit that feels more like a hug than a vice. There are 21 panels of ventilation to give your head plenty of airflow and add to the helmet’s barely-there vibe. Antimicrobial wicking pads inside the Rev MIPS keep your head from getting too sweaty without making the inside of the helmet smell like a locker room.

But I haven’t even gotten to one of the best parts yet: the price. A lightweight, nice-looking road helmet with MIPS for around $200 is pretty much the recipe for best-in-class head protection. It even comes in three different colors so you can choose your hi- or low-viz adventure—black, white, and a matte yellow.

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