Crush the Wind with the Kask Infinity Aero Road Helmet – Bike Magazine Australia

Going aero has never been easy or stylish for cyclists. Remember those old-school aero helmets with the pointy back that made time trialists and triathletes look like aliens? With the Kask Infinity Aero Road Helmet, you can finally combine aerodynamics with road-worthy style that would fit right into a cyclocross race, road ride, or a time trial.

A sliding shield on the top of the helmet can be adjusted easily on the road, and allows the rider to choose between being ultra-aero (closed), or allowing wind to come in through a vent for a cool down (open). But it’s the small details that make this aero helmet rock: A leather chin strap helps avoid the smelly polyester straps we’re used to, and Coolmax interior padding is removable and easy to wash.

Since the helmet is designed to fit snugly (it’s more aero that way), the Octo Fit system Kask has designed works to dial fit so it’s tight but breathable. And style points count too: The stealth look of the all-black version—modern, smooth lines and a slick round shape—will make you feel like a much racier version of yourself.

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