7 ways to keep your helmet in good condition – Bike Magazine Australia

Arguably, no other article of cycling gear is more important than the helmet. After all, your helmet’s primary purpose is to protect you from head injuries, some of which can be fatal. Despite this fact, many riders don’t take proper care of their helmets, which can compromise safety in the event of an incident. 

To ensure that your helmet in proper working order, always follow these seven rules.

Protect Your Helmet From Unnecessary Impact

Photograph by Blend Images – KidStock

Helmets are designed to protect you against impact, but exposure to unnecessary impact can weaken them over time. A classic travelling mistake is clipping your helmet to your backpack, then dropping it on the ground or tossing it into an overhead compartment, where it can be struck by other travellers’ luggage.

“Although the impacts aren’t the same as a crash, they can add up and easily damage the outer polycarbonate layer,” says Scott Junker, Giro’s product manager. 

Investing in some extra protection for your helmet will minimise any damage you’re doing to it throughout your day. “There are lots of great helmet cases out there,” says Oscar Huss, POC’s head of product development. “And if nothing else, make sure to at least wrap it in a shirt before jamming it in your roller bag.”

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