Visit the Mayan jungle from your living room with Zwift's new course – Bike Magazine Australia

Zwift, the online game that turns your indoor cycling workouts into virtual-reality bike races, has rolled out an expansion to one of its courses.

Officially titled the “Mayan Expansion”, the new terrain is an add-on to the popular Watopia Island course. It takes users through a simulated Mexican jungle, complete with underground caves and the ruins of a lost civilization.

Based on a ride posted to Strava by Zwift co-founder Jon Mayfield, the expansion is an 13.3km lollipop with more than 275m of hill climbing. The 8km loop at the end of the stem accounts for about 200m of the climbing. The loop’s lowest point is situated opposite the road in, so no matter which way you take it, you must descend first and climb out later.

To access the Mayan Expansion, head to the wind farm in Watopia Island and cross the bridge toward the Epic KOM route. The entrance is southwest of the Spruce Goose, the new base of the Epic KOM. 

Unlike Zwift’s previous add-ons, which were available to all players upon release, the Mayan Expansion is only unlocked for players who have achieved Level 10 or higher. However, lower-level riders can access the terrain by using the Ride With a Friend feature, or by joining an official Zwift event that goes through the expansion.

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