How to get bike-fit by swimming – Bike Magazine Australia

Richie Porte has this year been supporting Speedo’s Make1kWet campaign, having used swimming to help him recover from his devastating Tour de France crash.

The Australian cycling star broke his collarbone and his pelvis after smashing into a wall of rock on the descent of Mont du Chat during stage nine of the famous race in July – and then had to spend a month virtually immobile while recuperating from surgery.

But former lifeguard Porte, already a keen swimmer, then used sessions in the pool to get back to full fitness.

And here are his tips for using swimming to improve your cycling strength, as well as advice for anyone getting involved in the Make1kWet program that encourages people to do 1,000m of water-based activity instead of their normal fitness regime.  

* “During the cycling season, I think swimming is great for active recovery after those really long hard days on the bike, be it racing or training.”

* “In the off-season, it is nice to take a little break from the bike. so when I am back in Tasmania, getting in the pool is a brilliant way for me to maintain a solid cardiovascular fitness level.”

* “Swimming is a full body work out it’s not easy but if you stay committed to the Make1kWet challenge, you will be surprised at the rate of improvement in your fitness levels.”

* “At the beginning, depending on the level you are at, it’s important to work at your own capability. However as you start to build the distance up over time, the challenge will become more achievable.”