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We all have our preferences when it comes to sports nutrition— some of us can eat any bar on the market and go for days, and others would rather stick to a routine or limit the ingredients we know don’t agree with us.

Luckily—whether you’re high or low sugar, like to eat or drink your calories, or just looking for some new flavors to mix things up – 2018 might be the most delicious and diverse year in sports nutrition yet. Here are some of the new workout snacks we’re most excited about.

Natti Wants Your Bananas to Last

If you’re the kind of rider who often ends up throwing out bananas because they’ve gotten too brown to put in a jersey pocket, this might be a better alternative for you. Natti is a banana-based bar that comes in three delicious flavours: the one-ingredient banana, two-ingredient cacao banana and three ingredient dark chocolate and banana.

The bananas are dehydrated for convenient consumption on your ride, and boast a shelf life of up to 18 months. This type of simple, whole-food option has been increasing in popularity in recent years and Natti has hit the one-year mark and growing steadily.

Gu’s Campfire Collection is Here to Stay

When Gu introduced two new flavours of their flagship gels – Toasted Marshmallow and Campfire S’Mores – the company didn’t expect them to be a major success. But a nearly immediate sellout on the marshmallow flavor prompted Gu to consider making the new options permanent to the collection of available flavours.

The marshmallow Gu tastes a little like a lighter version of their more standard vanilla-flavored gel, and the Campfire S’more Stroopwaffel (for those who prefer a more chewable snack on long rides) really does bring back memories of Scout camp and bonfires. 

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