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There are plenty of reasons peanut butter sandwiches are a century ride rest stop staple: Peanut butter is filling, shelf-stable, and most importantly, delicious. But there are plenty of other ways to get your fix, from easy homemade treats to convenience store classics. Here are some of our favourites. 

Between Two (or More) Slices of Bread

With Banana: “The perfect touring lunch,” says associate digital editor Caitlin Giddings, who estimates she scarfed down 380 of them during her five years of intensive touring and leading trips for the Adventure Cycling Association. Want to get decadent? Add marshmallow.

With Honey and Bacon: Yes, it’s from The Winnie the Pooh Cookbook (which also features one of literature’s most beloved cyclists: Christopher Robin). For a grown-up version, swap prosciutto for bacon. Or not.

With Speculoos Spread: Also known as Biscoff, this is a spreadable version of Dutch or Belgian spiced cookie dough butter.

With Pickle: Before you write this one off, just try it, OK? The flavor combo is surprisingly good. Plus it delivers sodium, which you’re sweating out. Pro tip: To prevent soggy sandwiches, blot the pickles before assembling.

PB&J Rolls: These bite-size, sushi-inspired snacks satisfy your nutritional needs without the mess. Here’s how to make them, thanks obviously to our American sister title Bicycling:

The Double Decker: That’d be: bread/PB/bread/jelly/bread. Nom nom nom.

With chocolate

PB and Nutella Sandwich: It’s the perfect touring lunch, Euro-style.

Clif’s Organic Chocolate Nut-Butter-Filled Bar: If you’ve ever spread PB on granola bars: This is your time.

These Amazing Homemade Chocolate PB Bars: Courtesy of cyclocross world U23 silver medalist Ellen Noble’s biggest fan, her grandmother. As a midride treat, they’re best served during cold outings—the topping melts easily.



Between Two Stroopwafels: Try a Euro-inspired twist on the American classic PB&J.

On Small Rice Cakes with Mini Chocolate Chips: Out for a short spin? This is low in calories but still feels like a treat.

On a Tortilla, Drizzled with Honey… or in a pita pocket.

Peanut Butter Bites: Packed with protein and heart-healthy fat, these sweet-and-savory snacks will help keep hunger pangs at bay on long, casual rides. Here’s the recipe.

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