10 top protein sources for cyclists – Bike Magazine Australia

When it comes to ride fuel, some cyclists focus on the all-important carb and let protein fall by the wayside. Don’t fall into that trap. Protein is just as important. In fact, it can help stave off muscle loss as you age and helps build new muscle after hard workouts.

Since protein fills you up and provides essential amino acids, it’s better to spread your intake throughout the day, rather than putting the majority at dinner. At a loss for what to try? We rounded up the world’s 10 best protein sources.

1. Whole eggs

While these are in no particular order, if there was a #1, whole eggs could arguably top the list. For the price and quality, it’s hard to find a comparable source of high quality protein out there. And whole eggs is key – while the whites do have some protein, too, you get even more in the yolk, along with a whole slew of other great-for-you nutrients.

2. Wild salmon

Wild salmon is loaded with protein. With around 7 grams per ounce, it’s certainly something to include on the weekly menu. It’s also loaded with great for you omega-3 fats, which are one of the most important nutrients you should eat more of. With animal based proteins, the fewer legs the better – which means fish are at the top of the list. Yes, yes, octopus and some others are exceptions but, in general, stick to that rule of thumb when thinking animal/fish protein.

3. Cottage cheese 

The protein packed goodness (16 grams for just 1/2 cup) is hard to resist. Try it as basic cottage cheese and fruit, a couple spoonfuls on a Wasa crisp, some cracked black pepper and chopped jalapeno, If you can’t get over the curds, trying blending it in a smoothie or just blending it with a little fruit. You can even add a spoonful to spaghetti, oatmeal, pancake batter, or just by the spoonful out of the container.

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