TESTED: Bulls Sturmvogel E EVO​ e-Bike – Bike Magazine Australia

It’s easy to make an e-bike overly complicated, which means models with a minimalist design and simple execution are all the more attractive.

The Sturmvogel E EVO presents a sleek silhouette with a neatly integrated battery and Brose 250-watt motor hidden inside an alloy frame. Combined with Shimano’s Alfine 8 internally geared hub, the Sturmvogel hits the mark as a low-maintenance townie with the oomph, comfort, and run time to power through a lengthy commute (Bulls claims up to 220km miles per full charge, which takes five hours).

I used it mainly to tool around town and to ride to work. The Brose motor is one of the more seamless out there: It never felt punchy or abrupt, and tapered off smoothly when I stopped pedalling. I was able to quickly get up to the bike’s top assisted speed and then slow back down without fighting unwanted assist.

Bulls wisely built the Sturmvogel around Schwalbe’s 2.35-inch-wide Fat Frank tires. When run at low pressure, they cushion the stout frame’s ride, making it Cadillac smooth. A handlebar-mounted digital remote lets you cycle through four power settings and control integrated lights. While the remote is simple to use, its screen is backlit, making it tough to read on a sunny day. Luckily, after a short time getting acquainted with the bike, I could tell which assist mode I was in just by feel.

The Sturmvogel’s simplicity makes it a great commuter for those who want an e-bike without much more maintenance than pumping up the tyres.

Price: $4,995 Weight: 24.04kg (46cm)

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