Summer sock doping – Bike Magazine Australia

By Imogen Smith   Photography: Kath Bicknell

Socks are a big part of cycling. Whether you’re into patterned or plain, bright or black, short or tall, there’s one thing all of us can agree on: Socks are one of the cheapest and easiest ways we cyclists can express our individuality.

Are you about classic style? Choose a simple, tall black sock like Swiftwick’s Aspire 7. A bit of a maverick? Why not try some of Versus’s fantastic fruit socks featuring watermelons or pineapples! 

Still not sure how to play the sock game? Bike’s summer sock-doping guide will sort your sock drawer out in no time. 

A – Pearl Izumi Elite Tall Sock

Pearl Izumi’s range of Elite Tall socks are all about the details. With a stately 7” cuff, these socks are constructed of super fast-drying Elite transfer yarns, a smooth toe design, as well as anatomic arch compression and mesh ventilation over the top of the foot. Available in a range of simple colours and designs these socks stay up and look the business.

RRP: $23

B – Attaquer High Performance Socks

This Aussie specialist cycling clothing outfit are dedicated to quality and street style. Their High Performance range comes in a selection of simple, monotone designs featuring the company’s high-impact logo. Woven with silver yarn, these tall, breathable socks prevent the build-up of odour, and are designed to perform like new well into their lifespan.

RRP: $25

C – Versus Premium Race Cycling Socks

Created by a pair of South African mates, Versus Premium Race are designed to combine high-performance and fun at an affordable price. Made in South Africa, Versus have something for everybody – from out and loud icecreams to clean white, or any of a broad spectrum of bright block colours, and there’s a new ladies’ range too.

RRP: $25

D – Swiftwick Aspire

Swiftwick arrived in Australia a couple of years ago and quickly took the Aussie cycling world by storm. Their clean colours, managed compression, seamless toe and sculptured footbed can eliminate hotspots, reduce swelling, improve circulation, and increase endurance. These socks are made with the only Nobel Prize-winning fibre, Olefin, which retains less than 0.1% of its weight in moisture. They are available in 7” and 4” cuffs.

RRP: $32.99–$34.99 (4”–7” cuff)

E – Pongo London 

The name might be a bit funny, but Pongo socks are serious about style. Designed in London and made in Italy, these medium-length socks sporting a five inch cuff are made of fine yarns sourced by this small, boutique company. Pongo’s designs are stylish, simple, and just a little bit playful, and some lines are available in merino wool.

RRP: $28.99–$39.99