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Unsurprisingly, Focus is sticking with it’s heritage and continues to provide its wide cyclocross range. With updated paint jobs, everything that a large portion of the local cyclocross community has come to love is still there.

The Mares will be coming in four different models – the Mares Force 1 Hydro with full CX1 group set, Mavic Ksyriums wheels and BBB alloy finishing kit at $4,999. A Rival 1 Hydro build with Alex CXD wheels and alloy BBB cockpit at $3,999.

The Apex 1 Hydro with Alex wheels and BBB finishing kit at $3,499 and the Mares Aluminium Tiagra with full Tiagra 4700, Concept wheels and alloy BBB parts at $2199. A model from the top end Elite rider all the way to the first-timer.

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