31 get fit tricks that work – Bike Magazine Australia

1. Get your ass kicked. Find the hardest ride around and hang on as long as you can.

2. Sprint for town signs even if you have no chance of winning – or you’re alone.

3. Do a 350km week.

4. Hire a coach.

5. Or not. Build speed and endurance with our online fitness and training guides. Find them at bikemag.com.au/fitness

6. Twist it up – yoga exercises help build stabilising muscles and stretch out tight spots. 

7. Eat right. This doesn’t mean just passing up donuts – look at the balance of everything you take in. Aim for 40-60 per cent carbs, 20-30 per cent fat, and 20-30 per cent protein in your diet.

8. But, seriously, have that donut sometimes. Tasty treats can be the motivation you need to push yourself.

9. Check your pee. If it’s not clear or pale yellow, you’re not getting enough water. Start guzzling!

10. Sleep. A lot. Your body needs seven to nine hours of shut-eye to cycle through its restorative phases.

11. Recover right. Hydrate, foam roll, and put your legs up.

12. Invest in a professional bike fit. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll want to ride, and the fitter you’ll get.

13. Get a power meter and learn how to use it. 

14. Keep a log. Seeing all those kms add up will make you want to accumulate even more.

15. Try stuff. Go out faster than you’re comfortable with. Do big rides back-to-back. Learn how your body reacts to different situations – you can’t find out how you work best without experimenting.

16. Respect rest days. You don’t get stronger during your workouts – the magic happens in the downtime, when your muscles regenerate and repair.

17. Avoid junk kms! Go hard, go easy, or don’t ride at all.

18. Or adopt the “all kms are good kms” POV. As long as you switch up the intensity on a regular basis, you’ll get better. 

19. Sign up for a multiday event, like a stage race or a bike-packing adventure. To prep, you’ll have to ride a lot, day after day. Whatever your result, you win!

20. Run! It’s great for days you can’t or don’t want to ride (mechanical problems, travel, Game of Thrones marathon) and makes you a more well-rounded superhero. 

21. Get a skills coach, even just for one session.

22. Plan a riding staycation.

23. Shore up your pedalling muscles. Find six super-effective core moves.

24. Ride four or more days a week. Weekend warrioring is great, but consistency is how you’ll see massive improvements.

25. Chase every attack.

26. Attack every summit.

27. Take long pulls at the front. You’ll work harder when you’re fighting the wind. 

28. Lose a few kilos. One less beer cuts out 150 to 250 empty calories.

29. Spin before breakfast. Fasted training can help boost your #gainz.

30. Get inspired. Tape a motivating message to your top tube.

31.  Just ride.

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