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Italian brand Basso (no relation to retired professional rider Ivan Basso) – co-sponsors of a Melbourne-based amateur race team with Australian apparel company MAAP – is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. And to mark the occasion, the two brands have co-designed a special paint scheme (the frame is also available in four other colors). From the oversize pink graphics to the MAAP-aqua accents, this bike does not blend in. 

Who It’s For
A rider looking for a low, fast, and stiff race bike that stands out from the crowd. 

What We Liked

Everyone does the same thing as they roll up to a ride: pick out the fast riders; see who showed up for the first time in weeks; and, most important, see if anyone has a new bike. But these days, it’s hard to tell — most group rides have become a sea of black-on-black, black-and-white, and red-and-white frames, with the occasional pop of green. Unless you’re on the brilliant blue, pink-polka-dotted, Basso Diamante MAAP. 

Look at MAAP’s apparel line and you’ll see where the inspiration comes from. With its use of bold colors, simple lines, and varying dot patterns, the company didn’t just slap its logo onto this bike, it blended its style to it. Aqua paint — on the integrated fork, seat-tube notch, stem, and seat-tube clamps — helps draw the eye, and every bike is manufactured, painted, and assembled in Vicenza, Italy.

Of course, it’s fast, too. A semi-integrated fork, cutaway in the seat tube, and 50mm-deep carbon Microtech (Basso’s house brand) M150 clincher wheels make the Diamante feel as speedy as it looks. Steering is light and precise, and the long top tube (525mm) and short stack (517mm) on our size 51 put the rider in a long and low race position. Adjust the position with Basso’s conical spacers, which the company claims doesn’t affect front-end stiffness or responsiveness. The BB86 bottom bracket and oversize BB area exhibited little to no flex — the bike felt like it wanted to jump up the road with the slightest effort.

Watch Out For…
If you don’t like a racy fit, be warned: The long top tube (525mm) and short stack (517mm) put the rider into a long-and-low position.  Conical spacers can raise the handlebar by two centimeters, which still may not be high enough for some riders. 

The Takeaway
On my first group ride with the Diamante, people couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. Hours into the ride, a friend was still commenting how it was the best looking in the bunch. There’s no shortage of great race bikes, but if you want something with more pizazz, look no further than this eye-catching Basso Diamante.

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