Great Bowls of Fibre! — Bike Magazine Australia

To get more benefits from your flakes, oats or clusters, look for the right ingredients. The rest is up to your taste buds.

Cereal is as versatile as it is popular – it’s a healthy breakfast, an on-the-go snack, even a great refueller. Choose cereals that are packed with carbohydrate, wholegrains, vitamins and minerals, and use it as a fast and ideal pre-ride fuel, says Accredited Sports Dietitian Rebecca Hay of Sydney’s The Athlete’s Kitchen. Better still, research has shown that it can be effective for muscle recovery, especially when you eat it with milk.  

But with the supermarket shelves groaning with boxes shouting claims like “No cholesterol!” and “Whole grains!” it’s hard to separate the nutritious from the suspicious. So we braved the cereal aisle and, with advice from Rebecca, found five of the best pre- and post-ride options for cyclists.